Who Are We

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We are a Boutique eCommerce Growth Marketing Agency

Keeping ourselves small and lean. Prioritize efficiency and effectiveness

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We hyper-accelerate eCommerce brands who have shown product-market fit using a variety of methods.

Test > Optimize > Scale > Optimize > Scale To The Moon

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We breathe and sleep eCommerce. 90% of our clients are eCommerce clients

We are Ecommerce Specialists with experience running Ads in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia

Why are we different?

Honesty & Integrity

Unlike most of the other agencies, we take pride in running our agency based on Honesty and Integrity, which we think is extremely important whilst being results and performance-driven, thereby forming our agency's name - Honint.

No Inital Lock-in Periods

We are aware that most agencies lock in 6 - 12 months of contracts before even showing results which is ridiculous!
We believe in proving our value first before we engage in any long-term engagement. We usually kick-off most of our engagements with a tailored 3 Months (12 weeks) kick-starting plan focusing on our primary customer acquisition channel - Meta/Google Ads. After that, if results are unsatisfactory, just drop us with no questions asked

Why 3 months?

Usually, in the first 2 months, lots of testing and optimization would be done to identify the winning combination such as creatives, audiences, ad copies, ad account optimizations. We usually refer to this as the testing and learning phase before the actual scaling phase. Sometimes, certain brands take up to 3 months to see some actual improvements during this phase. After 3 months, if the results aren't satisfactory, you can walk away with no questions asked.

Who Are We

Growth Agency

We are a Growth Agency that specializes in E-Commerce

Profitable Growth

We engineer profitable growth for eCommerce Brands

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help businesses go from Zero to One and One to One Thousand

Are you one of them?

Who Can We Help?

E-Commerce brands that are stuck at the 5 figures a month mark, looking to scale to 6.

Offline brands who have been performing, but are wanting to pivot and acquire customers online.

Brands that are already excelling and doing Mid-6 Figure Months, but want the extra talent and manpower to scale it to the next level.


What They
Say About Our

The team at Honint assisted us in setting up the Social Media ads for the purpose of driving quality traffic, increasing conversions, and therefore increasing revenue for our website.
This was accomplished and our site has seen a great increase just in the first month of launching ads. More users also visited our physical showroom to see and feel the products and ended up converting too.
We thank the team at Honint for their services and would like to commend the entire team!"
Co Founder - The Great Company
Karlisyle Lum
We started off with 1 brand as a trial with Honint and they were very responsive when it comes to addressing comments and also proactive in driving solutions as well as finding most cost effective measures to maximize ROI. The turnaround is fast and their approach towards optimisation brings more value to the table versus what we seen in our past experiences. After 6 months of working with them for our first brand Heal, we proceeded to add to their portfolio with our second brand Snappea and we have been working with them since in driving effective marketing campaigns driving different set of KPIs to meet both our business goals. In addition to that, now that we are looking to venture further into different platforms and marketing tools, they were quick to grow the team with a new hire who is highly driven and also very willing to work as partners in meeting business needs.
Karlisyle Lum
Head of Marketing - Metier Food Sdn Bhd
"Working with the team from Honint is like working with an in-house team. The guys are switched on, responsive and technically sound. They have integrated with our team seamlessly and taken our brand and products like they are their own. We highly recommend the team from Honint and we look forward to maintaining our relationship with them into the future."
Founder - Crave IT Sdn Bhd
Cynthia Chen
I'm happy to know and work with Honint team for the past few months. The team has provided me with a lot of great ideas and the implementation of the ideas has helped me to improve my business in terms of Revenue and also exposure to more customers. The team is friendly and easy to work with, good responsibility in handling my online business. Could not say more but thank you for the continuous assistance. Hope to grow better in the future.
Cynthia Chen
Founder - Dreamm

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