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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty years, you’ve seen all types of Google Ads without even realizing it. Perhaps you saw a promotion of a fasting app when reading about weight loss. Or maybe you were looking for sneakers, and a discount on Google search results led you to buy a pair. These were Google Ads!

While Google Ads may look a little complicated at first, like all seemingly difficult things, Google advertising gets much easier once you break the process step by step. In this article, we’re doing exactly that.

Google Ads Management

Capture your low-hanging fruits with Google Search & Shopping

Reach your potential customers who are READY to purchase.

The biggest difference between Google ads and social media ads is the buying intent of the audience. Obviously if you were ready to purchase the perfect strong-suction, light-weighted vacuum cleaner for your house, you would hit the Google search bar right away – so understandably, if your brand wasn’t  ranked on top, your potential customers would turn to your competitors.

With that said, the traffic from paid search should generate a much higher ROAS as compared to social media ads. If that’s not the case for you, it is time to look into what you might have done wrong.

Common mistakes include:

  • Incomplete setup of conversion tracking, causing impaired judgment due to limited data collection
  • Running search ads using broad keywords with no targeting, no segmentation, and no negative keywords
  • Overspending on branded keywords. Yes, we know the ROI looks great.. but spending >50% of your ad budget on people that are already searching for your brand is not exactly the best strategy, especially when you will be paying for each click. 

With more than 3.5 billion search queries a day, there are so many more potential customers out there that have yet to discover your brand, and this is where (product listing ads) Google Shopping ads, or Smart Shopping campaigns can come into the picture. 

Search Ads

Google search ads are text ads that you see on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Your search ads can appear either at the top above the organic search results or at the very bottom of the page.

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Youtube Advertising

YouTube advertising, done through Google Ads, is a way of advertising your video content on YouTube or in search results so you can maximize your user reach. This could be your video playing before a user views another's video or showing up in YouTube.

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Video Ads

Since YouTube belongs to Google and also acts like a search engine–only for videos–you can target your potential customers on YouTube based on what they are watching. And with over 2 billion users worldwide, you have quite an audience to target.

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Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are product-based ads. They’re displayed specifically for product searches on Google. Unlike regular search ads, Shopping ads show an image of a product along with its product title, price, store name, and reviews.

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What is included in Google / Youtube Ads Strategy & Execution?

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Pricing and Payment

Google / Youtube Ads Strategy & Execution

We charge Per Brand

NO CONTRACT, if results are unsatisfactory, just drop us with no questions asked. (Although we do recommend giving us 1 month’s notice for a smooth offboarding)

Our Pricing

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  • Incentivized to perform like a partnership instead of employment. The better the ROAS, the more Ad Spend budget you would allocate, and the more we earn. (Win-win situation)
  • Includes Facebook & Instagram Ads as well

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